The Workshop




Thanks to the generosity of the Gambling Community Benefit Fund, the club finally got to purchase a workshop full of equipment in one hit. Our only machinery up to this point was a band-saw, mini-lathe, pedestal drill and a grinder.
At this stage we we're still working on getting enough power installed to run it all but everyone had a ball putting all the new gear together.  
The equipment will be used primarily for club projects but will also be available to club members to work on their own projects.

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  With the power all hooked up and the show out of the way now everyone was keen to try out the gear. A big slab of Budgeroo gave the thicknesser it's first workout....
... and the sliding-tablesaw got it's first run making 2 sets of pedestals for the Emerald art groups static display.
Article from the 'Central Queensland News' following our official opening...

We've now painted the roof with ThermaShield-2000 - it's like air-conditioning in a bucket!!! It has made a huge difference to working in the shed - still comfortable even when it's in the high 30's outside.
The club finally acquired it's very own forklift so we did a reshuffle , destickering and cleanup of our stash at Kingower. We now have easy access to our slabs and boards - more than we'll ever use so we sell to the public as well. Get in touch if you looking for some timber for a project!


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