The clubroom is open from 8:00am to 12:00am each Saturday and if we are not there, there is usually a note on the door saying where we have gone. We also meet every Tuesday evening from 6pm until 9pm now that our membership has grown so much. Club meetings are held on the 4th Saturday of each month at 12:00am in the clubroom.


The clubroom is in the woodworking pavilion at the Emerald Showgrounds on the Capricornia Highway.

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Thanks go to the Emerald Show Society for  generously providing the Woodworkers group clubroom and for their ongoing support.

Thanks also to the Emerald Mitre10 hardware for their generous ongoing support to the club and it's projects.


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The group have been going a few years and are a pretty laid-back bunch.  Any visiting woodies are welcome to come along and any locals that aren't in the club had better join soon! All aspects of woodworking are catered for in one way or another including cutting and milling our own timber. So if you're interested in cabinetry, woodturning, carving, intarsia or whatever, come along and see what the group have to offer - you might be pleasantly surprised!
The clubs workshop at the Emerald Showgrounds is fully fitted out so that the members can work on community and club projects together. The club occasionally holds fundraising events around town and also makes wooden items for individuals and organizations to raise money. Where we can, we also help out with community projects like the foot-bridge and planter-box built for the Special Education Unit.

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